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Carl Eaves sense of design was ignited with a three year painting and decorating apprenticeship in his home of Northern England. He soon made his way to London where he began work in the music video industry designing, building and painting video sets.

Later, he moved to the United States, where he partnered with another craftsman to create a construction, design and decorative painting company. He spent nearly a decade in Los Angeles in that field, working on a variety of commercial and residential projects focusing on restaurants. With his love of food and restaurants, and a desire to open one himself, he chose Houston, as his destination. Carl and chef-partner Claire Smith built the Daily Review Café, a small fine dining restaurant in 1995. They were voted one of the top twenty best new restaurants in the nation by Esquire magazine and received numerous Local, State and National awards.

Carl’s love of older buildings and their potential brought him back into the design field with the development of his construction and design company. He collaborated on many of the new bars and restaurants in Houston and Galveston in the early 2000’s. He was soon drawn back into the restaurant and bar business with new partnerships and new concepts. The Social on Washington Boulevard was the beginning of an era of design and development.

Location and the bones of a building have always been a driving force behind Carl’s design concept. With the addition of Will Davis as a partner in F.E.E.D. TX, Carl had a compatriot in his appreciation of space, atmosphere and older, under-used buildings. BRC Gastropub was the fun-loving fruitful beginnings of the soon to come Liberty Kitchen concept.

Carl’s keen eye for the quirkily beautiful is evident in all of the Liberty Kitchen restaurants. From his use of reclaimed and painted shiplap walls to his vintage salvage finds on travels, that are then transformed into lighting fixtures or tableware holders – his personal touch and attention to detail is evident in every aspect of each restaurant.